Website Backup

Daily backups. One-click restore.

Bid farewell to concerns about data loss with our reliable solution in place.

As your online business flourishes, our tools ensure the protection of your website.

Data Backup


Say goodbye to manual backups as our automated system takes care of it all for you. You have complete control over the timing of your daily backups. Simply set it up, let it run in the background, and concentrate on growing your business without worries.


Feel confident and at ease, knowing that your site information and reputation are secure. With our continuous security monitoring, hackers are no match for the robust protection we provide.


Immediately upon entering your domain and setting up your account, site monitoring, malware scanning, and backups are initiated. In the event of unforeseen data loss or damage, you can effortlessly restore your website to a fully repaired state with a single click.

Website Backup 5 GB

  • Automatic daily backups

Website Backup 25 GB

  • Automatic daily backups

Website Backup 50 GB

  • Automatic daily backups

All plans include

Keep your customers protected.

When visitors encounter a website without an SSL certificate, their browsers issue a warning:

“This connection is not secure.” Such a message can have detrimental effects on a business’s reputation. It erodes trust, leading potential customers to abandon the site, possibly never to return again.

Website Security

Stop malware in its tracks.

Avoid the perils of malware, hacks, unexpected downtime, and more. The good news is that all these risks can be mitigated. With Website Security, your website undergoes daily scans for malicious activity. It promptly alerts you whenever there is an attempt to tamper with your content, and swiftly eliminates any security threats to keep your site safe and secure.

Website Security SSL